Cyril Chauquet

From reel screaming shark in New York to explosive snapper in Western Africa and hard hitting yellowfin in Costa Rica, Wild Catch is a fast-paced sport-fishing and travel series that follows the rugged, off-the-beaten-path adventures of the enthusiastic Cyril Chauquet.

In each episode, Cyril’s passion for fishing will bring you on a relentless pursuit to catch different species from across the world and meet other fishermen that share the same obsession. No matter if it’s in salt or fresh water, he’ll go anywhere to catch fish.

So grab your rod and reel and hit the water with the Wild Catch!


Learn more about what makes Wild Catch host, Cyril Chauquet so passionate about fishing…

What interests you the most about sport fishing?

Adventure! It’s about being able to outwit an animal’s behaviour, which can be very difficult to predict. I also enjoy the mystery, because you never know what’s going on under water. I love that aspect! When starting a lure on the water, one must watch for the moment when a fish will attack. The spontaneity of the attack is very exciting!


What is your most memorable fishing moment?

I would say the time I caught my first big pike in the Alps in France. I was about 15 and I went fishing in the pond, not far from my home. That day I caught a pike that measured about a meter, and managed to get it out of the water on my own, but with great difficulty. I was really proud. It remains in my memory because it is the first big fish I caught in my life. I have also enjoyed fishing tiger fish, who’s mouth is full of teeth, deep in Tanzania.


How do you choose the destinations? 

The decision is based on several factors. First I consider the location’s reputation for fishing and species. My priority is typically to fish for species that I have ever caught before or that I want to catch again. Then I research the surroundings of the area in which I want to fish. For example, in the Amazon, the region is somewhat legendary for me; it’s located at the end of the world and you can still find places where you can get completely lost.

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