Fishing Adventurer with Cyril Chauquet-BIG CHAR ON FLY, NUNAVIK IN CANADA

Cyril is headed to the great North of Quebec, Canada, to the land of the Inuit people. He has arrived in the warmer time of year to catch a big and fat arctic char after they have been feeding like crazy in the salty waters of the Ungava bay. Whatever it takes, spinning or fly, Cyril is determined to put his hands on a big char. After landing on a dirt air strip in the middle of the beautiful no man’s land that is the Tundra, Cyril meets with Daniel, a local guide who loves his char and trout. Together they go on a chase of the big arctic char. Once his mission completed, Cyril, with his relentless appetite for catching fish, now dreams of a big brook trout. He will catch many big sea run brook trout but, when it comes to trout, the big males are usually better looking than the females, so Cyril is now chasing a massive male brook trout…

Guaranteed rugged action in the beautiful land of Quebec’s Great North!

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