Jurassic Pike in James Bay, Quebec

Fishing Adventurer Season 3

Cyril has come to the land of the Cree Indians on a mission to catch a monster Northern pike. In the huge province of Quebec, Canada, the pike get very big and the fishing pressure is almost non existent… Cyril starts his adventure in a little Cree village where he meets with David Mianscum, an excellent guide who was already catching monster pike and lake trout long before Cyril was even born!
David will introduce Cyril to some of the Cree traditions such as eating a full beaver and moose. The old man will also show him some of his best spots, but he is not ready to let Cyril catch the biggest pike. Get ready for some explosive pike fishing Action, from spinner bait to soft plastic and fly.

Up there, Northern pike aren’t picky. Anything that moves and swims has got to be eaten!

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