Fishing Adventurer with Cyril Chauquet- NILE PERCH FROM EGYPT

With one of the richest and most diverse seas in the world, the Red Sea…and Africa’s longest river, the Nile, Egypt offers even more than the Pyramids and Pharaonic temples.

Fishing Adventurer’s Cyril Chauquet has come to Egypt on a double mission: to fish in the pristine crystal clear waters of the red sea for anything he can find… and to fish the waters of the Nile for one of the world’s largest fresh fish: the Nile perch.
Cyril starts his adventure on the Nasser reservoir, a huge man made lake. There he meets with Steven, a Swiss expat who fell in love with this huge and beautiful reservoir in the middle of the Sahara desert… But what Steven really fell in love with are the superb Nile perch that can be caught casting in these waters.

After catching his share of Nile perch, Cyril is headed to the red sea where many tourists come every year to dive around a myriad of reefs… But when there is reef, there has to be predator fish roaming around…

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