Fishing Adventurer with Cyril Chauquet-SAILFISH ON FLY AND KINGFISH LOCAL STYLE, KENYA

Cyril has come to fish the warm waters of the Indian Ocean off East Africa. With three goals in mind: Going out reef fishing with some local fishermen, catching a sailfish on a hand line using his bare hands, and finally: catching a sailfish on a fly fishing rod!!!

In the touristy town of Malindi, Cyril finds out through Abu, a local contact that there is some good fishing around some mysterious satellite platforms in the village of Ngomeni! Enough said, Cyril hits the road on a vespa to go pay those mysterious platforms a visit. Once in the small village of Ngomeni, Cyril experiences a very traditional side of Kenya when he finds himself milking a goat for his breakfast milk! After having a hearty breakfast with two locals, Cyril is off fishing around some surprising structures. Soon the team starts catching some reel screaming kingfish around an offshore reef!!! The next day, after giving a fishing class at the small village’s school, Cyril sets out to complete his next two missions which are all about sailfish!!!
Get ready for some explosive sailfish action using some challenging fishing techniques.

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