Striped marlin in Baja, California

Fishing Adventurer’s Cyril Chauquet has come to the very southern tip of Baja California, in Mexico as it is one of the best spots in the word to catch Stripped Marlin, a billfish that can reach sizes of 300 pounds and possibly close to 400.. You’ve certainly seen pictures or films of people fighting big fish such as marlin or tuna out in the open ocean, strapped to a heavy conventional rod and sitting in a fighting chair !! This is the common way to fight these big fish. But Cyril has come to catch a Stripped marlin in a somewhat non traditional way, that is standing up as he fights the fish, with no fighting belt, and using a lighter spinning outfit…In order to meet this challenge Cyril gets out fishing with Grant Hartman, an American expatriate who’s been guiding in Baja for many years…
Between Cyril and Grant, be ready to witness some serious fishing action as Cyril, full of determination, fights several stripped marlin, known for their strength and impressive acrobatic jumps!! But the thrill doesn’t end there as Grant tells Cyril about a great spot where he can sight fish for big explosive roosterfish, casting lures from the beach. Finally, Cyril decides to keep pushing on with his billfish chase, only this time he wants to catch one in a more traditional area of Mexico, fishing from a small typical Mexican boat.

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